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RCC in the Communities of Santa Cruz and São Vicente

On November 16th, the Santa Cruz community met at the José Maria dos Mares Guia Municipal School for another edition of the Community Construction Meeting (RCC). In this significant meeting, community representatives were involved in an Integrative Community Therapy, led by Therapist Ana Paula Vieira de Freitas, through an engaging conversation circle. The proposed dynamic was received with enthusiasm by the participants, aiming to share challenging experiences and express the feelings that emerge from these experiences. It was a moment where emotion blossomed and empathy permeated the entire space. This meeting, in addition to strengthening community ties, also provided a therapeutic space for participants to share, understand and support each other.

Initiatives that reinforce the Santa Cruz community's commitment to emotional well-being and mutual support, promoting an atmosphere of solidarity, empathy and understanding. Finalizing the agenda for RCC meetings in the communities of Santa Cruz and São Vicente in 2023, on December 13th, a new meeting was held in which the results of the work of the Social team in the community, the completion of works and projects developed at the throughout the year. Furthermore, the status of the action plan was updated and is being monitored monthly by the working group. Expressing gratitude for the work carried out by the Social team, members of the community highlighted the positive transformations in the lives of children and young people who participated in the proposed activities, mainly the Meu Lugar Project - Somos Comunidade, developed by the production company Coreto Cultural and sponsored by GSM Mineração, via Law Federal Culture Incentive. We remain united, building together with the community an environment of support and resilience.


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